Become An Express Buddy Today


You can click the sign up button above or register through our mobile application which can be downloaded via any Apple or Google Play store.

Select according to which service you would like to provide as an Express Buddy (Valet, Concierge or Delivery).

Selection of more than one role is possible as long as you fulfil the terms and conditions of each role, which can be found in your service agreement.

Service Fees

Express Delivery takes a platform fee of 20% from the charges to the vendor. Just like how other contractor platforms take a small commission. Charges to the vendor will be by distance, the further you travel the more you earn. Minimum per trip earnings is $8 and can go up to $30 for stacked orders (2 or 3 places together).

For this you would have to submit your schedule with us. Do refer to the scheduling tab for more information.

Lunch (11am to 2pm): $30
Dinner (5pm to 9pm): $40
Both Shifts: $75

Even if there are no orders during the shift timing, you still get a minimum guaranteed amount for each shift. This compensates your time and gives some form of certainty to your income.

For now all trips completed will receive daily cash payment or same day PayNow bank transfer before 2359. Incentives will be paid out by the 5th of every month.


Scheduling is done weekly and a link will be sent out every Tuesday in our Whatsapp/Telegram group for you to fill up your preference on a first come first serve basis. Apply for any particular slot to earn some part time income during your free days.

Do find an immediate replacement in our Whatsapp/Telegram group. Failure to do so will result in a 1 week suspension or in more severe cases, a permanent termination.


Refer here for more details on our incentive chart.

Refer here for more details on our referral terms and conditions.